2nd Annual 19th Century Base Ball Tournament
Hickory Hollow Farm
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


I saddled-up and took a ride to Gettysburg this weekend for the 2nd Annual Gettysburg Vintage Base Ball Tournament. It was like being transported back in to time to witness base ball during the Civil War era!

The 2-day tournament was held at the lovely Hickory Hollow Farm (just minutes from Route 30 in Gettysburg). Teams from all over the country gathered to play base ball (yes, that’s two words!) as it was played circa 1864. They wore period reproduction uniforms and played using mid-19th century rules and customs. That included the absence of gloves and protective gear – it’s bare hands base ball!

The players aren’t reenactors, they are part of actual teams who play genuine games. Compared to modern baseball, there is a lot more hitting, running and fielding … which makes the game much more fast-paced and exciting.

When you’re in the outfield … you’re really in the outfield!

The 2011 Tournament Participants:
Saginaw Old Golds (MI),
Cincinnati Buckeyes (OH)
Mudville Nine (MA)
Flemington Neshanock (NJ)
Central City Stars (CO)
Huntington Champion Hill Toppers (IN)
Chesapeake City Cecils (MD)
Mechanicsburg Nine (PA)
Talbot Fair Plays (MD).

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4 thoughts on “19th Century Base Ball

  1. Baseball, OK, “base ball”, history, a nice ride out, what a day you must’ve had! I’ll track this event for next year for sure. There are even local-to-me teams to cheer for. Thanks for another awesome find Wendy!

  2. Yes, the “Cecils” and “Fairplays” could have you in their cheering sections 🙂

    The tourney is in a great location (not far from Rt30; but you feel as if you’re in the middle of nowhere)

    I would definitely go again!

    1. I think you’ll like it, Brian.

      I didn’t stay for the entire thing because it was pretty hot and I had my riding gear on … but I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Much more action than a typical baseball game 🙂

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