The Cutest Giant Lizard You’ll Ever See

Giant Lizard Staircase-Escalante National Park, Utah submitted by “ShySue” ShySue says: This is from our trip to Sturgis last year. On the way up to South Dakota we went through Utah, and at the Staircase-Escalante National Park visitors center they had this huge lizard parked in front of the main building. Tags: lizard, ShySue, Utah

Albert The Bull

Albert The Bull Audubon City Park Audubon, and Iowa submitted by “JanetGia” Janetgia says: Albert the Bull is about 30 feet tall and weighs 45 tons. He was erected in Audubon, medicine Iowa between 1963-64 in recognition of contributions to local Iowa economies made by the beef/cattle industry. He sits in the City Park at the south end of Audubon, drug in west central Iowa just off the Western...

Big Canadian Cows!

Big Canadian Cows! Sussex, here New Brunswick, Canada submitted by “Jo, eh” Yet more big cows! These were found in Sussex. Sussex is both the “Dairy Capitol” and the “Covered Bridge Capitol” of New Brunswick. Learn more about Sussex Tags: Canada, cattle/cows, Jo, New Brunswick

The World’s Highest Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine

The World’s Highest Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Gaspe’ Peninsula Cap-Chat, Quebec, Canada submitted by “Jo,eh” and “Apple” With an axis of 110 meters, this is the world’s highest vertical axis wind turbine. Cap-Chat boasts a wind farm with 76 wind generators! Visit Éole Cap-Chat.   Tags: Apple, Canada, Jo, Quebec, turbine

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