Giant Cowboy

Big Cowboy Fort Rockvale Casino Rockvale, Montana submitted by Marsha “SolarTJ” Marsha says: Here is another what looks to be a muffler man. He’s now holding a very large rifle. This was taken at Fort Rockvale in Montana where he stands in front of a casino.  Check out Boo’s Cowboy sighting! Tags: cowboy, Montana, Muffler Man, mufflerman, SolarTJ

Giant Saxaphone Composed of VW parts!

Giant Saxaphone Cabo Restaurant Huston, Texas submitted by: “Anaconda”   Anaconda says: This huge sax decorates a restaurant now out of business, and is made mostly from beetles…of the Volkswagen species. And it features not just the car parts, but a whole beetle! click here to see the sax when it was blue! wendyvee did a little digging and found the artist , Bob ‘Daddy-O’ Wade,...

Tasteful Architecture – The Beer Can House

The Beer Can House Houston, Texas submitted by “Anaconda” Anaconda says: A house decorated with beer cans, beer can tabs, beer bottle caps, and…marbles among other materials. The house is being renovated to restore it (not to it’s pre-beer looks, probably to the dismay of the neighbours) so I couldn’t get inside).   read more about the beer house here! Beer House audio at...

Three Mile Island Reactors

Three Mile Island Reactors Middletown, Pennsylvania submitted by “wendyvee” This is a shot with two of the active reactors on Three Mile Island. Since TMI no longer allows access to the island, it’s hard to get a shot with all four reactors at the same time. I took this from the east shore of the Susquehanna River — I may circle around and take some shots from Goldsboro (the west shore...

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