Warrior Motel Sign

Warrior Motel Bryson City, North Carolina submitted by “wendyvee” I snagged the Warrior Motel sign after visiting Maggie Valley and Cherokee, North Carolina. The motel, and its famous “water garden”, (tongue planted firmly in cheek) were pretty run-down and no longer appeared to be open. Even in the daytime, the parking lot had a weird abandoned feel to it. Great sign . . . and a great...

Giant Carmen Miranda – Tacos A-Go-Go

Tacos A Go-Go Huston, Texas submitted by “Runner” (Barb) Runner submitted this great pic of the Carmen Miranda head which perches at the entrance of Tacos A Go-Go in Huston, Texas! Not only do they have one of the coolest signs ever, Tacos A Go-Go also has one of the coolest restaurant websites. Tags: Runner, Texas

Tiny Post Office – Muddy, Illinois

Muddy Post Office Muddy, capsule Illinois submitted by “Hobnell” (Robin) wendyvee says: Robin is back again with another great roadside wonder! She captured the teeny-tiny Muddy, Illinois post office. Until 2002, it was the smallest operating post office in the United States. (I believe that the current smallest is in Ochopee, Florida . . . but it seems that there is some hysterical Internet debate about...

Uncle Sam Strikes Again!

Uncle Sam HWY 23 Dundee, check Michigan submitted by “Jo, sick eh” Jo brings us another BIG Uncle Sam! Learn about the “real” Uncle Sam here Tags: Jo, Michigan, Uncle Sam

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