Pacheco Sculpture

Pacheco Sculpture Caracas, Venezuela submitted by: “Anaconda” Anaconda says: Pacheco is one of Caracas’ old tales and folklore.  He used to live on the mountain that you can see in the background of the Nescafe photo, in a small village called Galipan. Galipan, because of being high in the mountain, is famous for its flowers and peach groves. Anyway, every year, around December, he would...

Big Santa Rides a Vespa

Big Santa Banesco Bank Caracas, online Venezuela submitted by “Anaconda” Anaconda says: This bank (Banesco) puts out a different Santa every year. The one three years ago was a big Santa with a bag of toys climbing to the top of the building. Tags: Anaconda, Christmas, Santa, Venezuela

Giant Nescafe’ Cup!

Nescafe Cup Caracas, Venezuela submitted by “Anaconda” Anaconda snagged this way-awesome giant Nescafe’ coffee mug while driving through Caracas, Venezuela! * be sure to hit the Anaconda tag below (or use the search tool) to see more of her cooler-than-cool roadside finds. Tags: Anaconda, coffee, Venezuela

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