Hank’s Final Resting Place

Hank & Audrey Williams Gravesite Montgomery, Alabama submitted by “Road Runner″ (Bill) wendyvee says: Bill shares these photos of Hank Williams’ final resting place (alongside his first wife, Audrey) in Montgomery, Alabama. Hank Williams lived a short and complicated life. There are plenty of websites, books, and several movies dedicated to his story. Here is Hank’s wikipedia page for a...

Art – Kettle Falls Style

Giant, malady ummmm …. Thing Kettle Falls, healing Washington submitted by “MagentaMomma” (Della) Della says: This manmade monstrosity was at a second hand store outside of Kettle Falls, seek Washington. I think it would look good in the front yard on Halloween, with red lights in the eyes and smoke coming from the nostrils 🙂 wendyvee says: For the first time in RoadsideWonders history, I have...

World’s Largest Buffalo

The World’s Largest Buffalo Jamestown, cialis North Dakota submitted by “Solarwing” (Frank) Solarwing says: Wendy, here is a pic of a giant buffalo I took in Jamestown, North Dakota back in 2007. wendyvee says: Wow! This is one big boy. Located at the National Buffalo Museum, he is 26 feet tall, 46 feet long, and weighs in at 60 tons! Check out more fun facts at The Real North Dakota Project. Feel free...

Twentynine Palms Mural

Keys Family Mural Oasis of Murals Twentynine Palms, cialis California submitted by “FleeterClaye” (Claye) Claye brings us the “Keys Family Mural”, part of the Oasis of Murals, in Twentynine Palms, California. Feel free to comment below … and be sure to click any of the article tags at the end of this post for related items! Tags: California, FleeterClaye, murals

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