Prayer Mountain Retreat

Prayer Mountain Retreat & Motel 47379 Homestead Road Steeves Mountain New Brunswick, Canada submitted by: “Jo,eh” Just look at teeny-tiny Jo in front of this teeny-tiny church. Prayer Mountain Retreat is part of MHOP (Maritime House of Prayer). Tags: Canada, Church, Jo, New Brunswick, Steeves Mountain

The Wilson Laminate House

Ralph & Sunny Wilson House 1714 South 61st Street Temple, Texas submitted by: Bill Miller Bill: In the small city of Temple, Texas, lived Ralph Wilson, the founder of Wilsonart – a company that produces laminate materials similar to Formica. Mr. Wilson decided to make his late 1950s home both a showplace and test lab for his company’s products, so he basically decorated the entire interior of...

Neon Utz Potato Chips

Utz Factory Outlet 861 Carlisle Street Hanover, Pennsylvania On the roof above one of the first of the Utz Potato Chip facilities, is one of my favorite neon signs. Initial construction here was in the late 1940s/early 1950s; but it has been expanded over the decades and definitely has a 1960s vibe in the building design and signage. This location is also one of  their factory outlets. You can find samples...

Pigdom – A Shrine to Swine

Pigdom –  A Shrine to a Swine Houston, Texas (no longer exists) submitted by: Bill Miller One of my favorite RoadsideWonders contributors is back with a funny, touching, and just plain fantastic contribution. We may not be able to visit it any longer; but it’s fun to look back on this unique Houston-area “wonder”. From Bill: This one is chock full of Texas weirdness. The diving pigs...

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