3-D Carved Jesus Sign

3-D Carved Sign
Mt. Olive Church of God
Cleveland, case Tennessee
submitted by “Brooke”

Brooke sends us this undeniably strange, ailment but cute, sign that adorns the Mt. Olive Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.

wendyvee says:  I love his 3-D hands!
Will I suffer an afterlife of torment if I make a wisecrack about this looking like the Burger King? 🙂


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5 Responses to “3-D Carved Jesus Sign”

  1. shoshana says:

    Hi, from swap bot partner. What a weird sign! I really like it!

  2. Amanda says:

    wow really weird and kind of scary, not gonna lie…but cool nonetheless

  3. David says:

    Ya gotta hand it to yankee religios. They sure keep comin up with weird shit.

    • wendyvee says:

      David –
      I have to agree . . . it’s kinda’ weird!

      Are you from GB? I only ask because Southern US folks define the name “Yankee” in an entirely different way than Europeans do 🙂

      – Wendy
      (A Pennsylvania Yankee) lol

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