500 Posts Waa-Hoo!

Tonight is the night that RoadsideWonders surpasses 500 posts. Of those 500 posts, more than 100 were posted in the last 6 months!

What started out on my old blog in 2006 as a way to share pics of the Madonnas of the Trail monuments between friends … has become bigger than I ever imagined. 

Huge thanks go out to all the “Roadside Wonder-ers” (both old and new) for helping me to share our quirky, fantastic, kitschy, weird, big, wonderful, and cool finds along the way. It’s just plain silly how much I love discovering new wonders – and the fact that other people share their finds with me is what makes RoadsideWonders such an outrageously fun site to maintain. It would be embarrassing to admit how many times I’ve actually squealed with delight when I received someone’s latest entry.

Here’s to the next 500 and beyond! Buckle up …we’re in for the road-trip of a lifetime 🙂

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