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“5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might Have Missed”

Rachael (a.k.a. “FuzzyGalore” – motorcyclist and purveyor of excellent roadside finds) posted a “5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might Have Missed” Challenge recently.

From Fuzzy’s post:
Post a list of 5 Pretty Awesome Posts Your Readers Might’ve Missed
Head back to your own blogs and find 5 blog posts that you really loved writing and tell your readers about them. Maybe we missed them the first time around, maybe we’re new readers, maybe you just loved the post so much that you just want to hi-five it again. Whatever!

Blow the dust off of some of those oldies but goodies and re-share ‘em with us.
See her full original post (plus links to those who participated here)

wendyvee’s note:
I enjoyed visiting the sites of everyone who participated  — but this post (from Splodz Blog) is my favorite of them all so far.  “Extreme Tromboning (and a Merrell Boots Review)

I struggled with the decision about which posts to highlight. Google Analytics is a wonderful tool; but it can also be the cause of dismay when you have hard evidence that some posts just didn’t get much attention. Because RoadsideWonders is for fun and not for profit, I’ve learned to stop obsessing over analytics as much as I used to. Knowing who is visiting, what they’re seeing, and how long they are staying on your site can be gratifying; but it can also cause you to lose motivation if you’re not careful.

5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might Have Missed

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The National Beard & Mustache Championships
– originally posted on October 20, 2011
Nothing beats visiting a stadium full of hundreds of people with remarkable facial hair … only to have them stare at my “helmet hair” as if I’m from another planet 🙂



The Flying Circus Aerodrome
– originally posted October 7, 2010
One of the few remaining barnstorming shows in America, it features parachuting, aerobatic maneuvering demonstrations, and some wing walking that will blow your mind!




Pennsylvania State Capitol & Walnut Street Bridge
– originally posted October 9, 2010 (hmmmm…maybe October is a bad month for views)
I recieved some great post cards from PostMuse and set out to snap some pics.



– originally posted June 14, 2011
HonFest evolved from a contest held at Cafe Hon in 1994 and has grown into a four-block celebration of Hampden culture, arts, and music. The biggest attraction for visitors is probably the Baltimore’s Best Hon contest, which features women of all ages (in all their beehived & leopard-skinned glory) vying for the annual crown.



Haar’s Drive-In Theater
– originally posted February 20, 2011
One of my favorite drive-ins … a Central Pennsylvania treasure! This post has it all … including kittens!



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