A “Corny” Roadside Wonder

Giant Ear of Corn
Pepperwood, California
submitted by “Tallysoma″ (Cindi)


Cindi says:
Here is a pic of a giant ear of corn that is near my home.  It’s located in Pepperwood, California, a former thriving community of timber and farming families.

A flood in December of 1964 wiped out many local communities, including Pepperwood.  It is now home to maybe 20 residents who have small gardens.  There are a few families who sell produce at roadside stands.  The ear of corn is a tribute to the community that Pepperwood once was and can be found along the Avenue of the Giants.

pepperwood 010

wendyvee says:
I’ve only been to Northern California once (years ago on a cross-country trip with my grandparents) and I long to go back — this time on my motorcycle.