A “Corny” Roadside Wonder

Giant Ear of Corn
Pepperwood, California
submitted by “Tallysoma″ (Cindi)

Cindi says:
Here is a pic of a giant ear of corn that is near my home.  It’s located in Pepperwood, California, a former thriving community of timber and farming families. 

A flood in December of 1964 wiped out many local communities, including Pepperwood.  It is now home to maybe 20 residents who have small gardens.  There are a few families who sell produce at roadside stands.  The ear of corn is a tribute to the community that Pepperwood once was and can be found along the Avenue of the Giants.

pepperwood 010

wendyvee says:
I’ve only been to Northen California once (years ago on a cross-country trip with my grandparents) and I long to go back — this time on my motorcycle.

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9 Responses to “A “Corny” Roadside Wonder”

  1. cindi says:

    I work just down the road from here at Redcrest Resort and we have many bikers ride through, especially for the Harley run that is in June.

  2. Jane says:

    If only there were tributes to all vegetables. Your blog insures that from now on I’ll take pictures of all that quirky stuff.

  3. Grace says:

    Hello Wendyvee, I’m ellysn from swap bot. Sorry I only got to comment just now… my broadband’s been slow these past weeks. Anyway, I like the idea of you putting up these roadside finds. It’s nice to read abt places. I enjoy travelling but just don’t get to do that much. 🙂 have a great week!

  4. Bruce Porter says:

    That was my great grandfathers farm back before the flood. That carving is one of my earliest memories. There used to be apple trees behind it or just down the road that were delicious! There was a merry-go-round there too was soooo fast us kids used to get sick. Good good memories.

  5. Brian Porter says:

    We have a picture of this spot taken back in 1964 -1969…not sure when…but the Porter produce stand was just to the right of it then.

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