A Cowboy’s Last Ride

Tom Mix Memorial
Arizona State Route 79
Florence, Arizona
submitted by “Road Runner″ (Bill)

Bill brings us another great RoadsideWonder (click the “Road Runner” tag at the end of this post to view more of his finds)

This is the Tom Mix Memorial at the site of the Hollywood cowboy legend’s 1940 fatal automobile crash.

wendyvee says:
My father was far too young to remember Tom Mix in his prime; but like many boys who grew up in the 30s & 40s, he was enamoured of the legend. Mix’s birthplace is a few hours NW of me in Mix Run, Pennsylvania — I’ll add some pics of the museum when I get a chance to take a ride up there next year.

There is also a Tom Mix Museum in Dewey, Oklahoma (I’d love to include photos of it if anyone gets the inclination to visit!)

Learn more about one of Hollywood’s first superstars

Tom Mix Monument

2 thoughts on “A Cowboy’s Last Ride

  1. We stopped at this memorial a few years ago on our way back to Phoenix. It was pretty late at night and it was downright spooky there!!!! I don’t know if Tom Mix’s ghost was there or there were just some weird vibes but we just felt totally creeped out. It was very quiet, no traffic around. We left pretty quick 🙂

    1. Just watch out for flying suitcases if you’re there (the theory regarding his death was that a metal suitcase flew out of the backseat and struck him in the head). Ouch!!

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