A Double Shot of Big Chairs!

Big Chairs!
Ruckersville, Virginia
submitted by “MikeP”

Mike says:
The blue one was in a used car sales lot on the southbound side of RT 29 just south of the intersection with Rt 33. 

The white one was about a mile farther south, on the northbound side of Rt 29 next to a Real Wood Amish Furniture shop. (Apparently they are the ones who made them – I found another pic of the white chair on their website when I got home and was trying to figure out exactly where I was today!  lol)

wendyvee says:
Many thanks to MikeP …. you’ll be seeing a few more of his great finds over the next week!


We’re gaining quite a collection of big chairs here in RoadsideWonders!
Click the “chair” tag at the end of this post to see more!

3 Responses to “A Double Shot of Big Chairs!”

  1. MikeP says:

    I rode by the chairs again the other day… the blue chair has been painted yellow! (well, except for the underside, which was still blue. lol). No time to stop that day so i guess I need to go back again for an updated pic. 🙂

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