An “Eagles” Song Comes To Life

“Standin’ On The Corner” Statue
Winslow, Arizona
submitted by “Road Runner″ (Bill)


Bill snagged another great RoadsideWonder. This ode to a line from the Eagles classic, “Take It Easy” stands at, appropriately enough, a corner in Winslow, Arizona 🙂

Notice another element from the song (the girl in the flatbed Ford) behind him — and also an eagle in the upper window behind the statue!

Standing on the corner-Winslow AZ
Now, sing along …

2 thoughts on “An “Eagles” Song Comes To Life

  1. I was standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona in October of 2000.That was before I had a digital camera. I will have to go sort through some boxes and find that picture now.

    I loved Arizona.The Grand Canyon is incredible. I called it the thirsty state though. I went through a lot of lip balm and drank a lot of Arizona iced tea. My wife and I thought it was from Arizona, but it’s made in New York.

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