Ark of Safety

God’s Ark of Safety
Frostburg, Maryland


I had heard of the “Ark” before — and since it wasn’t far off of my route home from West Virginia, I decided to seek it out. It has been in progress since 1976!


Though it’s just off the Frostburg Exit of 68 in Maryland, finding the actual entrance was a bit tricky. A great deal of nearby street signs had been vandalized at the end of the road and pointed in the opposite direction of the ark; but I eventually found it.

Pulling in to take the picture was a bit awkward because there were about 25 cars in the parking lot a service was in progress —  I could hear singing from the adjacent church building (this was on a Friday afternoon, no less). I didn’t want to seem disrespectful in taking the picture. I snapped the photo quickly and away I went.


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2006 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article

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