Avalon Motor Inn

Avalon Motor Inn
off Interstate 70
Eighty Four, Pennsylvania


I found this over the weekend, while rummaging around in some of my older files.

I spotted The Avalon Motor Inn from Interstate 70 on the way home from Pittsburgh a few years ago and it instantly struck me as familiar.

I was pretty sure when I pulled into the parking lot that this was the motel featured (at least externally) in The Mothman Prophesies.  The film, which is loosely based on the folklore surrounding the Mothman Legend in West Virginia & Western Pennsylvania, starred Richard Gere and Laura Linney. It’s a pretty forgettable film – not good enough to recommend and not bad enough to watch as a hoot, really. Ok, I’ll confess. I re-watched the film after taking this photo. Dorky? Yes, I’m guilty.

As an added bonus: it’s in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania … I’ve always thought that was a great name for a town.

I’m not quire sure why the image of the Avalon stuck in my head; but then I do have a penchant for the tacky, don’t I? 🙂 Initially I was going to go inside to the reservation desk to confirm that it was in the movie, but this place looked pretty seedy. (turns out that I probably made a correct assumption). When I got home, I did a little research online — and it turned out that it had, indeed, been used in the film.

The Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia has been on my “to do” list for awhile … hopefully I’ll get out that way at some point this summer.

Have you come across any recognizable filming locations in your travels?
I’d love to hear about and/or see them!