Look! There’s A Bear On The Roof!

Architectural Bear
Clark Brothers
10016 James Madison Hwy
Warrenton, Virginia
submitted by “MikeP”

Mike says:
This bear is on the roof of Clark Brothers Gun Shop (just south of Warrenton, Virginia at the intersection of Rt 17 & Rt 29). It’s been there forever and has become a landmark of sorts for that area. 

wendyvee says:
Mike sent this one in just days before I visited The Flying Circusin Bealeton, Virginia. I passed it as I was zipping along on the way to the aerodrome. I planned to stop on my way home and take a picture to compliment Mike’s … but super-nasty black rainclouds made me want to scoot north to Pennsylvania as fast as possible!

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What’s the strangest decoration that you’ve ever seen on the roof of a business?
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4 thoughts on “Look! There’s A Bear On The Roof!

    1. You know … I’ll ride in rain, I’ll ride in cold weather, and I’ll ride in the dark …. but 2.5 hrs of all 3 didn’t seem appealing at the time 🙂

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