Big Guy Bonanza!

mufflersbobBig Guy Bonanza!
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
submitted by: “Bob S.”

Bob says:
 I found this assembly of giants on an out-of-the-way backroad SE of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, last spring.

There are actually more of them at this location than I could get into a single photo! You rarely see them together in a group like this! 

*editor’s note: Thanks Bob! These have been on my “to do” list for well over a year!!

3 thoughts on “Big Guy Bonanza!

  1. I saw these guys last year (2009.) Roadside America calls ’em The Farnham Colossi, because the folks that own them are named Farnham. There’s a big shark, too, and a rusted roller coaster with the entire Simpson family in the cars.

    As I was leaving, I noticed a Big Boy lying on his back over by the llama shed.

    Don’t you just love places with no zoning?

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