Ginourmous Coal Bucket!

Ginourmous Coal Bucket
Big Muskie Bucket & Miners’ Memorial Park
Reinersville, Ohio
submitted by “Highcenter” (Chuck)

Chuck says: This photo was taken on a recent trip to Marietta, Ohio. It is the World’s Largest Coal Shovel Bucket from “The Big Muskie” (a dragline excavator for coal mining)

wendyvee says: You simply have to check out the links that I posted below the picture. They provide some amazing facts and statistics about “The Big Muskie”!  How about this stunner: The Big Muskie removed over 608,000,000 cubic yards of overburden, which is twice as much earth as was moved during the construction of the Panama Canal!

Chuck and his 1987 Harley Electra Glide


Miner’s Memorial Park Site
(make sure you take the photo tour on this site, so that you can see Big Muskie in her former entirety)

Big Muskie facts 
via Wikipedia

A Big Muskie Tribute Site 
with all of her stats and some great pics of “The Walking Giant”

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