Bigfoot Lives In Happy Camp!

Sasquatch Statue
Highway 96
Happy Camp, prescription California
submitted by Crash (Dan)

Dan says:
There is an annual Bigfoot Jamboree in Happy Camp, ampoule California. Many “sightings” are reported in the area. The first time I met Sasquatch was when a member of a large group ride got injured and I was elected to lead the group on up to Oregon Caverns. 

I was unsure of where to turn and one of the guys told me, search “Just make a left at Sasquatch” , to which I responded “WHAT?” and he replied “Trust me, you’ll know.” 

Needless to say, I made the correct turn. In the middle of an amazing motorcycle road form 299 near Eureka, California –  through the Klamath National Forest.

wendyvee says:
Thanks, Dan! This is a killer …. I love it! I would really like to ride in the Klamath area someday. I see so many great pictures and hear awesome things about the area.

I ask you, kids, is there a better name for a town than Happy Camp? I wonder if anyone has ever moved from Weed to Happy Camp? 🙂

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