Largest Viking In The Land

“Big Ole”
The Largest Viking In The Land
Alexandria, Minnesota
submitted by “Solarwing” (Frank)

Frank says:
I came by “Big Ole” in Alexandria, Minnesota. My grandson had watched a National Geographic show about the Kensington Runestone and wanted to see it. Big Ole was across the street from the Runestone Museum.

wendyvee says:
Though I have some great big love for King Neptune in Virginia Beach …. “Big Ole” gives the King a run for his money at being my favorite “big guy” on the site! 🙂

28 feet tall and weighing-in at 4 tons, Big Ole was built for the Minnesota Pavilion at the 1965 World’s Fair in New York.

Ole has been through a lot in his 40 + decades. In 1967, he survived a flaming arrow that hit a Santa costume he was wearing; and in later decades he narrowly escaped wind, ice, and snow storms. Visit Alexandria’s Big Ole History page to read all about him!

16 thoughts on “Largest Viking In The Land

  1. I happen to be from Minnesota and have seen this viking up close and personal! Wahoo!

    There’s another cool mascot I like, he’s called Rocky Taconite, he’s up in Silver Bay on the north shore. If you’re interested, just google it. I’m sure there’s a lot to see about it!

    I’ll be back to read your blog, there is a lot of fun stuff here!! I love this! I’ve got you on my blog as a link so I can come back and see more. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Patty!
      I just looked-up Rocky. He’s cute!

      I have a Mid-West route planned for (hopefully) next summer. I want to get the St. Urho statue … he looks pretty cool!

  2. Well, where did my evening go?

    I’ve seen a giant Viking, whales’ tails, a gorilla named after one of my wedding witnesses lifting up a VW, some shrimpy things that look like the pink alien on Futurama, a weird tilting bridge……. but I WANT one of those basket buildings!!!

    This is such a fun blog!

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