Birmingham Lady Liberty

Birmingham Lady Liberty
Liberty Park Complex
Vestavia Hills
Birmingham, Alabama
submitted by “Road Runner″ (Bill)


Bill says:
Came across this while driving through Birmingham, Alabama.

from the on-site plaque:
“A bronze replica, one-fifth the size of the Statue of Liberty, was commissioned by Frank Park Samford as the symbol for the company he founded, Liberty National Life Insurance Company. Created by sculptors Archer and Lee Lawrie, the statue was cast in Sommerville Haut Marine, France, in 1956 and was placed atop Liberty National’s home office building in downtown Birmingham and then moved to its present location and dedicated on July 4, 1989.”

wendyvee says:
Wow. Great shots, Bill!

We’re gaining quite the collection of Statue of Liberty replicas! Click the “Statue of Liberty” tag at the end of this post to see all of them 🙂

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