Bishop’s Castle
12705 CO-165
Wetmore, Colorado
submitted by: Bill Miller

Bill says:
This is Bishop’s Castle in Wetmore, Colorado. It’s in a spectacular mountain setting near the San Isabel National Forest. Constructed by Jim Bishop who is a man of strong opinion and the will to express it.

wendyvee says:
I was thrilled when Bill emailed these great photos of Bishop’s Castle. I’ve read a few stories detailing Jim Bishop and his incredible piece of art (under construction since 1969) several times over the years. Mr. Bishop is the definition of what my Grandma used to call a “character”. I hope to visit one day too!

Unlike many similar constructions/pieces of art … visitors are free to explore the structure as long as they follow Mr. Bishop’s rules. How cool is that!?

Make sure you stop by Bill’s site, Eclectic Houston, for some more crazy-awesome stuff!

See photos and related links below — and when you are done; hop over to Bill’s other “wonder” (one of my personal favorites) Pantless Pierre!


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More photos at

1 thought on “Bishop’s Castle

  1. Kind of, sort of want to see this on a future road trip. The page, though, says the owner/architect isn’t the nicest guy in the world. Which maybe bumps it back down the list a little bit.

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