Blue Hen – University of Delaware

Blue Hen
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware

I have to say that the Blue Hen metal sculpture at the University of Delaware was a bit “underwhelming”. The Blue Hen is the U of D mascot. I’m not sure what I expected, but the smallish metal sculpture nestled behind the Pecander Residence Hall and the Marriott Courtyard in Newark, is a bit uninspiring.

Two things happened during the search for the big blue hen
that made the quest worthwhile.

1. A very nice gentleman wandered over while I was taking the picture to compliment me on my motorcycle (always a plus!). He also repeated a legend of the Blue Hen that I read somewhere before …. “Rumor has it that if a virgin ever graduates from the University of Delaware, the statue will take wing and fly away” 🙂

2. While I was putting through narrow and congested (though charming) downtown Newark on my way to find the hen, traffic was only moving for about 6 feet and stopping … then 6 feet and stopping. I noticed I guy doing a zig-zagging jaywalk across the street holding a bag of soft pretzels. Just as he was about to step in front of me — traffic started to move again. He sort of shuffled around back and forth and I called to him that he could keep coming “If  I can have one of those pretzels”. Of course I was joking.

He smiled and ended-up getting into an SUV that was parked alongside the street about 10 feet ahead of me to my right. When traffic next moved, he had his door open. He put his bag of pretzels in the truck and then turned around with a single wrapped pretzel and handed it to me while I was idling (stopped again by traffic). I laughed and thanked him. How cool was that? Unfortunately for me, traffic was pulling forward again and I had nowhere to put the pretzel! Down my jacket it went — and it stayed there for the next few uncomfortable miles.

Well, at least I had a snack to make the Blue Hen sculpture a little more interesting!

What’s your favorite funny “kindness from strangers” story?
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