Boyds Bear Country

Boyds Bear Country
*closed- see update below*
Old Route (Business) 15
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


originally posted on 2/23/10 – updated on 1/1/11
update: According to Boyds’ website, and various local news sources, the Gettysburg retailer will be closing its giant Gettysburg retail store during the first week of January 2011. What will become of the property? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
wendyvee says:
I have been to Boyds Bear Country in Gettysburg before, but I didn’t have any good exterior shots of the building … so, I braved the barely plowed parking lot this weekend on the way back home from snagging the Frederick Candy Cane.

I figured that I should maybe get some pics before it disappears — because who has the extra dough to buy collectible teddy bears in this economy. Right?

Wrong!I saw just as many people coming outside with giant Boyds bags on this snowy afternoon as I ever have when I was here during the height of tourist season! I didn’t go inside this time, but if you are ever in the area and want to see a positively GIANT collection (four floors worth) of cuddly teddys,bunnies, ducks etc., this is the place to see it. I would love to know the $$ figure on their inventory. It has to be a lot of digits! You can choose from a selection of bears fitting just about any theme you can imagine, make your own bear, and even have lunch or dinner … the joint is just that big!

I had to use the telephoto to get the mural on the side of the barn …. I love RoadsideWonders, but I wasn’t about to slog through 3+ feet of snow to get a closer shot. Hopefully you’ll forgive me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boyds Bear Country

  1. It was a great place to visit with kids and they even had fun (and free) activities for them.

    Yes, I feel for the people who are losing their jobs too (particularly as it is so sudden).

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