My Favorite Idiot-Proof Sign

Broad Street Market Sign
Third and Verbeke Streets
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


I stopped at both the Broad Street Market and the Midtown Scholar Bookstore today (and posts about each will follow soon); but this post features the Broad Street Market’s sign (taken from the balcony of the Midtown Scholar). This is my favorite sign in Harrisburg. Not only is the BSM sign a super-cool symbol of the market; it is also, perhaps, the most idiot-proof sign to photograph that has ever existed.

Though I try conscientiously, I regularly and spectacularly, FAIL at taking pictures. Thank goodness for digital or I would be blowing through film and crying myself to sleep at night. I can’t even blame my semi-horrible Nikon Coolpix (a temporary replacement for my stolen Canon … which in all honesty was an equally substandard point and shoot … but I loved that camera nonetheless). Blaming the camera is unfair because I know people who could publish a coffee table book with photos that they shot with grocerystore disposables. Ultimately, I just don’t have a natural knack for composition and I seem to have the steadiness of hand that one might expect of someone with a serious case of delirious tremors.

This far from award-winning image (a good photographer would have avoided the stop light peeking out from the right side of the frame, noticed that the blue van making the left-hand turn would be a distraction, and would have mitigated the amount of visible wires) but I think it does illustrate that the Broad Street Market sign is a “super model” of signs … it simply refuses to be unphotogenic no matter the oaf behind the lens.

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