The Round Barn

The Round Barn
298 Cashtown Road
Biglerville, Pennsylvania


A few months ago, I stopped by “The Round Barn” – one of my favorite places in Adams County (just about a half a mile off Route 30 between Chambersburg and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania).
It’s not just an architectural wonder; it’s also a great market that offers local fruits and vegetables, canned goods, plants, gifts, and home decor items.

Excerpted from the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor placard:

After their previous barn burned, the Noah Sheely family built this barn in 1914. To get more information on rounds barns, the family wrote to the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station and hired architect Morris Rhodes of Chambersburg, Pa.

The incredible skeletal structure was built with inginuity and manpower. Builder John Fritz bicycled five miles each day from his home in nearby Cashtown to work on the barn’s contruction. The project took 250 barrels of cement for form the foundation and the first floor: The circumference is 282 feet with a diameter of over 87 feet. The barn was constructed around a central silo measuring 60 feet high and 12 feet wide. Nearly 50 head of cattle and 16 horses or mules can be housed in the barn.

The round barn is connected to an equipment shed, another barn, and an additional silo on this side.

A replica 1940s gas pump – part of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor “Parade of Pumps”. These replicas (each with a different artistic theme) have been installed in multiple spots along old Route 30. The pump at the Round Barn is Sweet Bough by artist Lisa Reed.

There are several donkeys and a few goats in the barnyard. This little guy was my favorite.

Momma and her recalcitrant kid

The curving shelves inside the barn offer a wide variety of goods: canned items, vegetables, decorations, and antiques.

My favorite part of the barn is the little playroom for kids inside the central silo (pictured below). How cool is that?!

Another view of the playroom. I dig that little easychair!

Let’s head upstairs, shall we?

The second floor is available to rent for weddings, parties, and events!

For more information, or to plan your visit, visit The Round Barn online! 🙂