Cadet (Kadet) Muffler Man

Cadet (Kadet) Muffler Man
Kittanning, generic Pennsylvania
submitted by “wendyvee”

This muffler man may very well have begun my fascination for “big & tacky”.
My Grandmother lived not far from him in Ford Cliff, Pennsylvania — and as a child, passing him meant that the 4 hour trip was almost over. He stands in front of the Cadet Restaurant near Kittanning. (I believe that it was spelled “The Kadet” when I was little).
I detoured to find him on the way back from a biz trip to Butler last week. As you can see, it was snowing up a storm that day.
See the Cadet Muffler man featured in a “Zippy The Pinhead” comic strip

4 Responses to “Cadet (Kadet) Muffler Man”

  1. Mindy Knappenberger says:

    Hey, wendyvee ~
    Love your website. I grew up near Kittanning and now live in Worthington. I will def be looking for roadside wonders to submit!

  2. wendyvee says:

    Thanks Mindy!

    Yay! I love new stuff 🙂

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  4. […] house, and notes that at one point the restaurant was called the Kadet. She also shared in her report on the Cadet (Kadet) that he’s actually been immortalized in a Zippy The Pinhead comic […]

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