Captain George’s Seafood
West Mercury Boulevard
Hampton, Virginia
submitted by “MikeP”

Mike says:
I saw this building in Hampton, Virginia on the way back from Newport News, it used to be a Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant.

It’s kind of a cool building… looks like the ship is sailing right out of the building. I’ve eaten at one of these before and they have really good food, so it’s surprising that this one was closed. Looking at the still decorated window display, it’s almost like it closed quickly too.

One thing I found interesting was the banner still hanging on the building. A local newspaper had ranked them ‘The Best’ in 2007…. yet they are closed 3 years later. Makes ya’ wonder what happened. 

This closed location does still get a mention on their website, though (along with a pic apparently taken when it was still open).

I also wondered who ‘Kristina Dawn’ was….  a daughter of the owner perhaps?  (see update below)


–   Captain George’s maintains several other locations. Click here to visit their website (including that great sign design with the neon still attached)

* update:

Curious about the “Miss Katrina Dawn” name, Mike contacted Captain George’s though their website and received this great reply.

“Kristina Dawn is George’s (the owner) first daughter.  Hampton was his first restaurant so it just made sense :)”

Have a great day!

– Kristina Pitsilides Chastain
Vice President, Operations
Captain George’s Seafood

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2 thoughts on “Captain George’s Seafood

  1. That was a neat building. It was fun to walk around it. I still wonder who Kristina Dawn is though…. wife? Daughter? Mistress? Or just some name picked at random?

  2. I had a very nice email exchange with Kristina. I asked if she had gotten another restaurant named after her when this one closed, but she hadn’t. She’s hopeful that her daughter will get one though… 🙂

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