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The Red Caboose Motel

The Red Caboose Motel 312 Paradise Lane Ronks, Pennsylvania *neither this post (nor my stay) were not sponsored in any way. If you want a unique getaway with friends, a fun experience for your family … or even a romantic weekend, this “wonder” ticks all of the boxes and then some. Located amidst working farms, the Strasburg Railroad, and other Lancaster County attractions are 38 cabooses,...

Prayer Mountain Retreat

Prayer Mountain Retreat & Motel 47379 Homestead Road Steeves Mountain New Brunswick, Canada submitted by: “Jo,eh” Just look at teeny-tiny Jo in front of this teeny-tiny church. Prayer Mountain Retreat is part of MHOP (Maritime House of Prayer). Tags: Canada, Church, Jo, New Brunswick, Steeves Mountain

Longhorn Bar & Grill *Updated

Giant Longhorn Skull Longhorn Bar & Grill Amado, Arizona submitted by “BooinLA” and “Road Runner” (Bill) Originally posted 7/15/09 edited 11/09/12 Sadly, I just found out that the Longhorn closed in June of this year. I hope that someone is able to purchase it and bring it back to life! –    Famed Landmark in Amado Is Now Victim of Foreclosure –    Legendary Longhorn...

Fabulous Seaplane Diner Sign

Seaplane Diner Sign 307 Allens Avenue Providence, Rhode Island submitted by Tony Makalinaw Tony: I thought you might like this… pics of the Seaplane Diner located in Providence, Rhode Island. I made this sign last month for this historic waterfront restaurant. wendyvee says: Holy Moley! I absolutely love this sign. Tony Makalinaw is a 3-D sign creator extraordinaire (and he restores muscle cars too...

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