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Pensacola’s Pelicans In Paradise

Pelicans In Paradise various locations Pensacola, Florida submitted by: “Road Runner” (Bill) wendyvee: Bill is back with another great batch of roadside wonders … or should I say “flock” of wonders 🙂 This also serves as a reminder to me to seek out the remaining cows from the 2004 Harrisburg Cow Parade in my area. Many of them have been moved in the intervening years and they are...

90,000 Dog Tags = One Giant Dog

“Sun Spot” Sculpture Denver Municipal Animal Shelter 1241 West Bayaud Avenue Denver, Colorado submitted by “Scubapiggy” (Helen) Helen: I found found a few pics for you. This one is a 20+ foot tall dog made of DOG TAGS – it is in front of the Denver Animal Control office – the tags move in the wind, and they have poles with lights all around it so it is lit up at night. wendyvee: Wow....

Big Cow on the Roof!

Jo found this lovely bovine specimen in Cavendish, PEI at “Cows Ice Cream” Visit  “Cows” online for history and funky merchandise! Jo recently sent some updates! More views of the cow on the roof at the Cavendish location … … and check out the big cow at the main “Cows” location in Charlottetown Tags: Canada, cattle/cows, ice cream, Jo, PEI

The Cabazon Dinosaurs

The Cabazon Dinosaurs 50770 Seminole Drive (off Hwy 10) Cabazon, California submitted by “BooinLA” Boo says: For Your Roadside Viewing Pleasure: The Cabazon Dinosaurs, as seen in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure! Actually the dinos predate Pee Wee by a WHOLE bunch of years. I remember the big brontosaurus (named Dinny) from early childhood family treks to Palm Springs. Spotting the dinosaur in the middle of...

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