Chambersburg IceFest 2010

Chambersburg IceFest 2010
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
submitted by “wendyvee” & “Slicks” (John)


As South Central Pennsylvania gets socked with yet more snow today, I pause to think back on happier times. You remember … two weeks ago when it was a tropical 19 degrees with kinder, gentler snow. 🙂

John and I ventured south to The Chambersburg IceFest on the last Saturday morning in January. Though the ice sculptures were a bit smaller than I had previously imagined (Oh, Muffler Men, you’ve ruined anything shorter that 18 -25 feet for me!), they were very intricate — and there were quite a few of them!

Chambersburg isn’t the chic-est town in the world, but there are a number of funky little shops and eateries radiating from the town square.

While I was all about the free hot chocolate provided by local mertchants – Johnny queued-up to buy a Chili Cook-Off wristband so that he could sample some of the local entries. Later, he cooled-off on the Ice Bike ….


 Two of the larger attractions at the Chambersburg Ice Fest for the “little roadside wonderers” were an Ice Throne and a 40-Foot Ice Slide.

Since I haven’t made any of my own kids – This little cutie is someone else’s handiwork

File a complaint with Slicks if you are disappointed that I don’t have a picture of the slide — he experienced 20 mintues of “camera” failure before we left the festival (he chalked it up to dead batteries — but your intrepid Roadside Hostess (moi) found, through intensive investigation, that Slicks’ battery failure had less to do with dead batteries and more to do with that fact that he didn’t turn the camera ON!) LOL

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