Bedford’s Giant Coffee Pot

The Coffee Pot
Bedford County Fairgrounds
Route 30
Bedford, Pennsylvania
submitted by “wendyvee” and  “BooinLA”

wendyvee says:
*updated on 10/16/10 to add Boo’s picture from the summer of 2007!

The giant coffee pot – located in Bedford, Pennsylvania – was built as a unique lunch stand (in either 1925 or 1927 according to various resources). It later served as a small honky tonk before descending into neglect and disrepair.

The coffee pot was “saved” by Bedford County in 2003 and now stands at the entrance to the fairgrounds. It is roughly 18 feet tall and 24 feet in diameter and has two floors. Thank goodness for communities that care enough to preserve their unique treasures! They really did a great job on the restoration.

Boo’s 2007 Coffee Pot Image 

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  1. Fuzzygalore says:

    Love this pot <3
    Great stuff, as usual!

  2. Chris Otto says:

    Pennsylvania Coffee-Themed Wonders Road Trip and Photo Book? In. In. In.

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