Convertible Skiing Mural! (updated)

Convertible Skiing!
Trompe L’Oeil Art
near 19th Street and Indian School Road
Phoenix, Arizona
submitted by “MacCandace” (Candace)


What is she towing . . .

ski mural 3

. . . her hot boyfriend, of course!

wendyvee says:
Candace has a passion for photography and she was kind enough to share this great Trompe L’Oeil mural in Phoenix, Arizona! 

Visit her mural post to read more about the mural — and spend some time cruising the rest of her blog as well — she has a great “eye” for the interesting in everyday life.

Candace’s blog Glenrosa Journeys

Also, check out RoadsideWonder’s other example of Trompe L’Oeil art — The Community Bridge in Frederick, Maryland.

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ski mural 55

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