Davy Jones Memorial Bed Race
Beaver Springs Dragway
Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania
June 15, 2013


I lost a hard drive several years ago and I only recently found a forgotten back-up. I’m so glad that I did! To see the actual race – check out my video at the end of the post.

I initially started writing an explanation of how a British Pop Sensation/Television Star/Recording Artist (and frontman for the Monkees) from Manchester, England ended-up living in a sleepy Pennsylvania town with a population of less than 1,000. During my research, I found this succinct little article written by David Wenner for PennLive. Because it explains how and why Davy Jones lived here … and also covers the reason for the Bed Race … I thought, why reinvent the wheel? Please click the image below to read it.

On June 15, 2013 hundreds of fans gathered at Beaver Springs Dragway to celebrate The Davy Jones Memorial Bed Race – held at the Beaver Springs Dragway in Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania. It was a very fun and creative way to celebrate the musician’s life and to benefit the Middlecreek Area Community Center (Davy Jones served as its Fundraising Chair when he lived in Beavertown).

All four of Davy’s daughters attended the event and raced as “Davy’s Dangerous Daughters” in an homage to the iconic show intro for the Monkees television series. They traveled there from their homes in England and California to show their love and support for their father and his adopted community.

One of his daughters wore a beanie-covered equestrian helmet … perhaps a nod to both the Monkees and the family’s passion for horses

Fans and community members really went all out to decorate their beds and they all looked as if they were having a blast.

It made me giggle, when looking at this photographs again after so long. The “Pit Crew” man is a meme just waiting to happen 🙂

Here is some video of that race that I captured that day :_

The unveiling of the statue mentioned in the article above was at another location – as were the Monkeymobile and several musical acts. I arrived slightly after the unveiling of the prototype. Later reports in the media (and the reactions that I heard and saw on that day were mostly negative). I don’t believe that the finished product ever materialized in the years following the event. Also, the church mentioned in the article was sadly destroyed by fire in 2016.

Links of Interest:
Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation
(the horse rescue organization created in Davy’s memory)

Church Once Owned By Davy Jones Destroyed By Fire


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