Delaware Spaceship House

UFO House
Milton, Delaware
submitted by “Jo” and “Ice” (Deb)


This photo makes me smile every time I see it. It was taken by one of my favorite people of one of my favorite people . . . and in front of a UFO house, no less!! A RoadsideWonders Trifecta!

It’s as if you can hear Ice saying, “Jo! Hurry up and take the *&$#@ picture already!”

Ice Prepares For “Takeoff” (click to enlarge)

Jo says:
Snagged this on a ride with Ice (my lovely model).  The house is at the airport and seems to be used for storage. Looks like a Jetson house!

update: Fuzzy from RoadsideGalore (Run! Don’t walk to her site — it’s great) shared this great article about “Futuro Houses”