Delaware’s Giant Mary

Dawg Measures Up

34-Foot Stainless Steel Mary
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
New Castle, Delaware
submitted by “Jo”, “Dawg”(Jean), and “wendyvee”


jo says:
I met up with Jean (Dawg) and we snagged the Stainless Steel Virgin Mary in Delaware, finally! After riding by her so many times. She is huge. The statue is made from strips of metal all welded together. Very impressive.

wendyvee says:
I’ve been sitting on this one for months.
Jo, Dawg, and I missed each other by just 2 days in our separate visits to the Giant Mary.Considering that Jo & I live over 800 miles away from one another, it was an amazing (and kind of sad) coincidence!

This is one of the RoadsideWonders that may be cooler to see “in person” rather than on a screen. The way that sunlight and air flow through the vents in the steel is hard to imagine unless you see and hear it for yourself. It is also rather touching to see the rosaries, notes, and trinkets left at Mary’s feet.

My favorite shot in Jo & Jean’s set.  Jo running to get in the picture with Jean

Wendyvee’s best shot – looking upward …. way upward!

Gallery: Jo & Dawg pics (first 3), the remainder are my (Wendyvee’s) shots.
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4 thoughts on “Delaware’s Giant Mary

  1. Went there today. It’s funny, She’s right across the highway from a big Harley dealership and She looks like She wants to go over there, put on some gear, and go for a ride. Ironically I just traded a bike for a St Bernard puppy. I took his picture in front of the BVM today. Pax humana!

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