Giant Fisherman in Eastport Maine

Giant Fisherman
44 Water Street
Eastport, Maine
submitted by “Jo, Eh”


I wasn’t intentionally saving this post for September 11th. As it turned out, I was searching through some files of un-posted “wonders” and found it by happenstance.

The Giant Fisherman was originally a prop for a television show.

Murder in Small Town X was a hybrid reality/game show that challenged 10 contestants to act as amateur sleuths and solve a series of fictional murders in several locations near Eastport. The winning contestant was Ángel Juarbe Junior. Juarbe was a New York City Fireman. The series finale aired on September 4, 2001. Tragically, Mr Juarbe was killed a week later while responding to the World Trade Center attack. In 2005, the statue was refurbished and dedicated to his memory.

Thanks to Jo for sharing it with us. Click the Jo tag below to see her other great finds.