Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club!

Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club!
held January 14, 2012
@ Creative Alliance
Baltimore, Maryland


FIRST RULE:  You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB
SECOND RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB

However, no one said that you can’t WRITE about Fight Club, so here I go. Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club might fit into the “It’s hard to explain – you sorta’ had to be there” category, but I will do my best.

Before we begin, I want to thank James McDonald for letting me know about this crazy-ass event — I owe you one. I also want to thank the very kind member of the Creative Alliance who graciously allowed me to use her ticket when she found out that I’d driven an hour and forty-five minutes + another 30 minutes trying to park. Between the time that I left Pennsylvania and arrived in Baltimore, the show had SOLD OUT and I would have been out of luck without her!


Gravelly-voiced and foul-mouthed (yet uber-classy) Femme-Cee “Kittie Glitter” chats with Elvis (who, quite frankly, looks pretty good for being 77 … and you know, dead and all).

The 2012 EBFC kicked-off in Washington D.C.’s Warehouse Theater on January 7 and then moved to Baltimore’s Creative Alliance on January 14th (which is where I caught up with them). EBFC celebrated what would have been The King’s 77th birthday with an outrageous mix of costumed fighters, burlesque dancers, and Benny Hill-esque silliness.

The night began with a disturbingly heartfelt soliloquy delivered by Elvis’ toilet, Commodious. He shared his memories of Elvis’ last moments while pelting the audience with the contents of his bowl. Classy.

The first bout of the night featured a cell phone-obsessed Cupake VS a Giant Wiener

Then it was time for the sword stylings of the lovely Reverend Valentine to the tune of Elvis’ “Little Egypt“.

Things got a little hot & heavy during the Godzilla Vs Bridezilla fight

My favorite fight of the night: Martha Stewart Vs The Swedish Chef (even though I almost lost my left eye to flying Swedish fish candy projectiles). Click below for a little taste 🙂

Martha did, indeed, Whoop Some Ass.

Ms Candy Del Rio –  Ring Girl Extraordinaire

Maria Bella giving the crowd something to shout about …

The “Euro” charming the ladies before his fight with The $5 Bill 

The Not-So-Innocent Amish Lass in the cage before being unleashed upon a Giant Robot.

In the end, it came to a showdown between The Giant Hot Dog & The Robot

Elvis presents the Championship Belt to the The Robot!

Where else could you find Hostess Twinkie Go-Go girls ?

Still Confused? Well, I did warn you that it was a “you sorta’ had to be there” kind of thing. Check out the slide-show below for a few more pics.


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