Falmouth Goat Races

Falmouth Goat Races
Governor Stable Park
Bainbridge, Pennsylvania

John and I were on our way to the National Clock & Watch Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania on Saturday  and we made a slight detour to see the Falmouth Goat Races. I was there a few years ago myself; but since it was on the way ….

Though the goat races initially began as a bit of a joke between friends, they have been going strong at the same location for over 30 years. Falmouth and Bainbridge are very near the entrance to the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant — so maybe there’s something in the water 🙂

In addition to several goat-racing heats throughout the afternoon, there are crafts, food vendors, pedal tractor races (and several other kiddie-related activities). So if you find yourself in South Central Pennsylvania next September and you enjoy a unique event … this one is for you! Visit the Falmouth Goat Race website for details and directions.

We couldn’t stay long on Saturday, but I did “visit” with some of the goats and we caught the second round qualifying races. Below are some of my favorite little guys … plus a short video of a few of the races.

This was my favorite goat of the day. She has ermine-like tufts of black hair

Check out the beard on this little dude!

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8 Responses to “Falmouth Goat Races”

  1. That is awesome; it’s on the calendar for next year for sure!

  2. Fuzzygalore says:

    OMG this is hysterical 😆

    I was going to make a baaaaaaad joke but thought better of it.

  3. Gunnar says:

    Who me? Naaaaa (Ibex you can tell I’m just kidding)

  4. Cody Fisher says:

    Does anyone know the adress for the goat race i can put in an gps?? please help!!!! 😉

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