Fantastic Phoenix Chevy Sign

Courtesy Chevrolet Sign
12th Street & Camelback Road
Phoenix, Arizona
submitted by “MacCandace” (Candace)

update: It’s funny the “roadside wonders” that you spot when you least expect it. I saw the the trailer for the new film Take Me Home Tonight and noticed something pretty cool. See video embedded at the end of this post — and pay particular attention at the 45 second mark 🙂

wendyvee says:
Candace took this excellent nighttime shot of the Courtesy Chevrolet sign in Phoenix, Arizona. The clarity is amazing.

To see Candace’s other contributions to RoadsideWonders, click the MacCandace tag at the end of this post. Then make sure you visit her blog, Glenrosa Journeys, to see how Candace captures the world — one photo at a time.

2 Responses to “Fantastic Phoenix Chevy Sign”

  1. Candace says:

    Way cool. I guess I better see the movie and see what else I might recognize.

    • wendyvee says:

      It looks as if the reviews were pretty awful for this flick … but I’d bet renting it to check out locations would be fun.
      According to IMDB all the shooting was done in Phoenix, so I’ll bet you see a lot that you recognize 🙂

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