226 Esquina a 3A
Jaimanitas Neighborhood
Havana, Cuba
submitted by Bill Miller


Our First Cuban “Wonder”!

Bill was kind enough to share photographs from his recent trip to Cuba. Feast your eyes on Fusterlandia! I am so envious of his opportunity to visit Havana… it is my dream destination!

[learn_more caption=”From Bill:” state=”open”] While in Havana we visited “Fusterlandia”, the creation of a Cuban artist named Jose Fuster. He covered his home with bright tiled mosaics and murals, along with concrete sculptures (also tiled). It’s been so popular with his neighbors that the decorative tiles are spreading throughout the whole neighborhood![/learn_more]

Celebrated Cuban artist, Jose Fuster, is the creator of this mosaic wonderland in the Jaimanitas neighborhood in Havana. If you are interested in learning more about Senior Fuster and what Fusterlandia means to this community – check out some of the links below.


Links of Interest:

–  Fusterlandia at Jen On A Plane

–  Jose Fuster profile on Havana Club

–  Atlas Obscura




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