Geneva Idaho’s Metal Sculptures

Metal Sculptures
State Highway 89
Geneva, Idaho
submitted by “SolarTJ” (Marsha)

scroll down for wider view

Marsha says: 
Found these sitting in a field on my way to Yellowstone. They are just north of Border Junction hanging out in a field.

Border Junction is right on the border of Idaho and Wyoming (where Hwy 89 and Hwy 30 split). This is as close as I could get to them without jumping a barbed wire fence. There are 3 “animals” out there but I could only get decent pictures of these two.

wendyvee says:
Nope! I wouldn’t want any Roadside “Wonder-ers” to get clipped to a barbed wire fence! 🙂 

This is such a beautiful part of the country!

To see Marsha’s other “finds” … including one of my favorites: The Jolly Green Giant . . . click the SolarTJ tag at the end of this post.

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