Geronimo Surrender Site Memorial

Geronimo Surrender Memorial Plaque-Apache AZ
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Geronimo Surrender Site Memorial
Skeleton Canyon – off Highway 80
Apache, Arizona
submitted by “Road Runner″ (Bill)

wendyvee says:
Bill visited the memorial cairn near the location of Geronimo’s (much debated) surrender. He expressed dismay at the graphitti on the memorial plaque and I agree. I’ll never understand what pleasure people derive from tagging 🙁

See a brief history of Geronimo here — and if the subject interests you, there are a number of interesting books available about his life and times. I recommend Geronimo: The Man, His Time, His Place by Angie Debo and Once They Moved Like The Wind by David Roberts. I purchased both for my father years ago and borrowed them from him when he was finished. In my opinion, the Roberts book is a bit opinionated; so you’ll need to filter fact from editorial prose while reading.  

Geronimo Surrender Memorial-Apache AZ