Gettysburg Dime Museum Part 1

The Gettysburg Dime Museum
224 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


The Gettysburg Dime Museum isn’t palatial, but it is truly chock full of the best collection of oddities, gaffs, sideshow memorabilia, and curiosities that I’ve ever seen. Exhibits include a genuine shrunken head, several freak animals (both wet specimens and taxidermy), sideshow gaffs (including the Figi Mermaid and a 7-foot-long alligator man), life-sized figures, serial killer memorabilia, and much more!

Mark Kosh’s collection is fantastic and he loves to share it. He generously allows photography of his treasures and is on hand to answer questions or share stories about them. Make plans to visit soon. The museum is in its final season and is open on Saturdays through November 17th from 10am – 5pm. You have to see it in person. Don’t worry. I’m not posting every item. There are plenty more for you to discover!

Don’t miss this gem of a museum! Here are just a few things to expect …


The supposed “Human-Faced” fish

A classic sideshow gaff, The Turtle Boy. In the late 1800s, there actually was a sideshow performer named George Williams who toured as Turtle Boy. A sad but fascinating time in our history when entertainment was often cruel and took advantage of people with disabilities or disfigurements.

Items With “Entities” Attached to Them. Beware If You Have a Fear Of Possessed Dolls

Demons and Deformities!

Introducing Jake – The Alligator Man … victim of a Voodoo Curse

Perhaps this is the woman who “cursed” poor Edgar. I was taking pictures of other items and didn’t see her until I turned around. I briefly thought she was real LOL

Stay Tuned for The Gettysburg Dime Museum Part 2 post. I’ll show you even more wonders!

7 thoughts on “Gettysburg Dime Museum Part 1

  1. You are right that there are parts of this museum that will leave me a little on the sad sight, but overall it looks like a winner. I mean, who doesn’t want a mummified demon? Actually, the human-faced fish is way creepier than any old run-of-the-mill demon.

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