Ghostbusters Tribute Vehicle

Ghostbusters Tribute Vehicle
at USS Susquehannock Sci-Fi Day
2nd & Charles Bookstore
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


I’ve been engaging in a purge of all of the dvds that have somehow accumulated in the house. I rarely ever bought a new copy; but we used to buy them on the sale rack when Blockbuster and Video Update were still around, and at the occasional yard sale or flea market. I’ll stick one in my computer every now and then; but I no longer even own a dvd player so it’s time for them to go! I thought that I had already taken all of them to the 2nd & Charles in Harrisburg to sell or trade but I found a rather large stash in a box yesterday.

As it turned out, yesterday was Sci-Fi Day at the store. The USS Susquehannock group (a Central Pennsylvania Starfleet Chapter … yep, that’s a real thing) was holding their annual event. One of the attractions was a Ghostbusters Cadillac! The Central PA Ghostbusters, a group of local fans,  uses it to raise money for the NHS School in Carlisle and to promote Autism Awareness.

Here it is in all it’s glory … with bonus Jedi Knight fan.

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