Giant Apple Basket Tower *updated

Giant Apple Tower
Northbound I-81
near Mt. Jackson, Virginia
submitted by T8TR (CJ), SkyKing96 (Ray)


Ray adds to our growing gallery of the Mt. Jackson Apple Water Tower!

Ray says:
The “world’s largest basket of apples” you may have already seen.  I saw it Saturday when I left the MOA rally and headed north, but did not have time to stop.  I was in no hurry today heading over to the RA rally, so I detoured and found a way to get close for pictures.  It’s close to the interstate (81) in Mount Jackson, VA, at about mile marker 272.


wendyvee says:
CJ nabbed a pic (below) of the giant apple basket water tower in 2008 —-it’s  a very recognizable landmark for any of us who have travel up and down Interstate 81. In fact, I’m sure I have another picture of it flying around somewhere too that I’ll have to add.

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1 thought on “Giant Apple Basket Tower *updated

  1. This water tower is thanks to my Crazy Uncle Joe, a former mayor of Mt. Jackson. He died today, but he’ll never be forgotten. I’m so glad that others have noticed his legacy.

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