Giant Basket Strikes Again!

Giant Longaberger Basket
Longaberger Headquarters
Newark, Ohio

submitted by “camelmd” (Mark), “FleeterClaye”, and “Kath”, “Jo, eh”, “Ice” (Deb), & Suz

wendyvee says:
The most popular RoadsideWonder (both in hits and in submissions) returns again.

Jo, Ice, and Suz are back to share a totally new way view the giant Longaberger basket. I’ve never seen an image of it in the dark! How cozy the offices look with the their lights streaming out of the basket-weave.

Okay, so how TOTALLY cool would it be to work inside of a basket?!

wendyvee says:
The Longaberger Headquarters is our most popular RoadsideWonder! Here is our latest view, submitted by Kath. Can you spot her bike? LOL

Mark says:
Here is a picture of the Longaberger Basket Headquarters located in Newark, Ohio. It’s a 7 story building. The giant handles are heated in the winter to prevent ice buildup. My wife, Karen, and I had heard about this giant basket and decided to find it on a trip to the Honda Homecoming.

wendyvee says:
Big thanks go out to Mark … the Longaberger HQ has been on my list of “things-to-do” for several years and fate hasn’t made it happen for me yet! This is Mark’s first Roadside Wonder submission and I hope he comes back again with more 🙂

Check out the Longaberger Official Home Office Stats here!


Fleeter’s Update below:
Adding another view of the Giant Longaberger! Check out the perspective on this great shot (from Fleeter) of the Longaberger Headquarters!