Giant Candy Cane

Barbara Fritchie Restaurant
1513 West Patrick Street
Frederick, Maryland
submitted by “wendyvee”

wendyvee says:
This is the giant candy cane at the Barbara Fritchie Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland.

OK, I’ll just take the “Laziest Photographer in the World” Award right now. I admit that there was potential for a much cooler angle on this shot …. but this morning, I just wasn’t crazy about kneeling in 3 feet of dirty snow to get one 🙂  (and in my defense — my life was in danger from people pulling out of the parking lot at the time –  honest!) I’m also sort of ticked that I didn’t take a picture inside the restaurant. They have some super-retro lighting fixtures! I noticed them when I first got there and neglected to take a picture of them.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to visit again when the snow melts …. I might need to try the pie at the Barbara Fritchie sometime in the Spring.

Who is this Barbara Fritchie we speak of? Glad you asked.