Barbara Fritchie Restaurant
1513 West Patrick Street
Frederick, Maryland


This is the giant candy cane at the Barbara Fritchie Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland.

OK, I’ll just take the “Laziest Photographer in the World” Award right now. I admit that there was potential for a much cooler angle on this shot …. but this morning, I just wasn’t crazy about kneeling in 3 feet of dirty snow to get one 🙂  (and in my defense — my life was in danger from people pulling out of the parking lot at the time –  honest!) I’m also sort of ticked that I didn’t take a picture inside the restaurant. They have some super-retro lighting fixtures! I noticed them when I first got there and neglected to take a picture of them.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to visit again when the snow melts …. I might need to try the pie at the Barbara Fritchie sometime in the Spring.

Who is this Barbara Fritchie we speak of? Glad you asked.

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