Giant Desert Cow

Giant Cow
Longstreet Inn & Casino
Amargosa Valley, Nevada
submitted by “Kamikaze” and “Butterfly” (Steve & Amanda)


Amanda says:
We do have something to add to your bovine collection.

This one was found off Hwy 190 at the Nevada/California Border at a lone casino in the desert. Last chance for a gamble before entering back into California perhaps?

wendyvee says:
Steve gives “Old Bessie” a gentle pet (see picture above) . . . but Amanda gets right down to business 🙂

Visit the Longstreet Inn & Casino online

RoadsideWonders is amassing quite the bovine collection! Click here for more cows/cattle. Which reminds me, there are still quite a few cows in my area (remnants from the Harrisburg Cow Parade several years ago)  I need to run out an snag some pics soon.

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